Originally posted June 6, 2017.

For memorial weekend, Jeff took some time off and we made the most of it.  Friday after work we got in the car and headed to Washington, D.C.  It has been a while since either of us have been there and we were looking forward to it.


For our first full day in Washington, D.C. we had plans to hit up two museums, the National Gallery and the Museum of American History.

Jeff has been reading about the health benefits of drinking coffee, so during this trip we tried to pretend like we loved it and downed some espresso shots to start our day.  As we tried other coffee variations during this trip, we came to the realization that we just aren't coffee people.  We are tea people!  If we have to drink coffee, espresso is the way to go, because I only have to drink a tiny amount.

After the espresso, we started in the modern wing of the museum.  After seeing just a few paintings we realized our whole day would be spent here.  We weren't going anywhere.

The National Gallery was amazing!  By far my favorite collection of paintings.  After 6 hours of art we still hadn't seen it all.

However, I did get to see my first da Vinci!


Washington, D.C. is known for its Ethiopian food.  I am not a fan, but Jeff really likes it and so for love I gave it another shot.  I didn't care for it in Kenya and I didn't care for it in D.C.


Before going back to the hotel we stopped off at one of my favorite book stores, Kramerbooks.  My cousin Amy had taken me there on my last trip to D.C. and I wanted to show Jeff. I picked up a copy of Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  I can rarely go into a bookstore without making a purchase.  I have a problem.

The next day we spent another day at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History.  The real chin dropper was the size of the flag that inspired the star spangled banner.  Unfortunately pictures of the flag were not allowed.

I also got to see Julia Child's kitchen!

And I really enjoyed the political cartoons and propaganda posters.

This one was the best!


That night we had a much tastier dinner at the restaurant Smoke and Barrel. A barbecue  joint with lots of vegetarian options.  I got the stuffed spud! Delicious.

The next day we got in the car and drove to Virginia.  I have been dying to go back to Colonial Williamsburg.  And this time we did it right.

We were able to go to governor's mansion,

the capitol building and court house,

the tavern,

the wig shop,

the apothecary,

and more!

I have a real passion for American history, particularly the American revolution, where it all began.  I loved it all!

For the fourth day of our trip we took another road trip to Virginia. One place Jeff had always wanted to go to was Jefferson's home, Monticello.  I really loved his home and the beautiful gardens.

On our last day before heading home we went to George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon. George Washington's home and plantation were much bigger than Thomas Jefferson's, but I think I prefer Monticello.

We had such a great time and are already planning another trip back.

Thanks for reading!