Pink Martini

This weekend we went to Montreal for the international jazz festival.  We had heard good things and decided to check it out.  Also I just love going to Montreal and can always find a reason to go.  

Our first day there we stopped off at out favorite poutine place. Poutine for breakfast. Yum! 

After that we headed over to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  We wanted to go to a new exhibit called Revolution. It was all about the art and music of the 60's.  

Everyone was given a headset, and as you walked through the exhibit different songs played.  There was lots of Beatles, Lennon, Creedence, and Pink Floyd. Good stuff!


Saturday night we had tickets to see Pink Martini.  Pink Martini's music is a combination of jazz, big band, and world music.  They have songs in several languages.  Each song felt like a trip in another country.  

This was the first song of the evening and the first song they wrote.

After the concert we bought a poster and got the band to sign it for us! 

Sunday before heading back home we went to see Habitat 67, which is Montreal's architectural landmark.  We learned after that you can take a tour, and we plan on doing that next time we visit. 

The last stop was the Jean Talon outdoor market.  I love outdoor markets.  I love all the fresh produce, bread, and other treats.  The colors at these markets are just beautiful.  I got some cucumbers and avocados. Jeff picked out a delicious olive oil!

Aww this trip felt way too short.  Back to work.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to those of you that have already resubscribed to this blog.