Weekend Away

Originally posted March 29, 2017.

This past weekend, we left Friday after work to head back to Montreal for a short visit.  We listened to some tunes on the way there and it brought us back to the days of driving from Maine to New York on the weekends.

Last time we went to Montreal we saw that they had an upcoming Chagall exhibit and made plans to come back and see it. We also had tickets for a Canadiens Hockey game, Saturday night, and reservations to the Sugar Shack for Sunday.  And at some point during the weekend we wanted to stop for poutine and then the tea place we found on our last trip.  It was going to be a busy weekend.

We woke up Saturday morning and got Poutine for breakfast! It was so good, and one thing to cross off our list.

We then headed to the art museum for the Chagall exhibit.  Jeff and I go to a lot of art museums and I have seen Chagall’s work here and there and loved it, but at this exhibit, I came to the realization he is one of my favorite artists!

Chagall is most famous for his stained glass windows and paintings but he also did tapestries, ceramics, illustration, costume and set design, and last but certainly not least collage!

I gave Jeff my review of the exhibit as we were leaving and told him it was my favorite exhibit I’ve seen so far. So you can imagine I went a little camera crazy. I’ll try not to go overboard.

Even though he is most famous for his stained glass pieces, they are not my favorites.  But this one I really liked.

They also had some sketches for some other stained glass windows he had done.  This was my favorite of those.

This was the tapestry they had.

This was one of the illustrations he did for a book of fables.  He would have his wife read the fables to him as he worked.

He would also have her read the plays to him and listen to the music as he did set and costume design.

When I saw the first set of costumes I was not in love with them.  But the more I looked at them the more I liked them.  Then we saw several more sets of costumes for other ballets and I was in love.

Jeff read that when Chagall was designing the sets and costumes he would want to know the choreography for each of the characters so he knew where they were on the stage. This was so that he could make the set and costumes line up and create a painting in motion. Woah!

One more set of costumes!

I was so excited to see Chagall had collage pieces.  He used a lot of interesting materials to collage with. In addition to paper, he used fabric, lace, and plants.

Now the paintings.  Oh the paintings!

The painting that stood out the most was this one!

I also really enjoyed Chagall’s self portrait.

There were two circus paintings shown.  The “red circus” and the “blue circus”.  Jeff prefers the red, but I like the blue one more.

There was so much to see.

After the exhibit we raced to the tea place, had some tea, and I got Jeff a traditional Chinese tea set for his birthday.

Next stop was the Bell Centre for the hockey game.  But after going through security, the original tickets we received in the mail from StubHub were rejected.  Jeff got the money back and a coupon but no game for us.  Boo. Dinner instead.

Sunday before heading back home, we went to the Sugar Shack.   There, this Santa Claus look-a-like taps trees for maple syrup but has turned it into a tourist destination.

First there is a huge feast, family style.  Before we got there we thought it would be a small group and we could practice our French with the people next to us.  But the place was crawling with people.

Then since it was family style, Jeff stole some soup from the family next to us.  They did not look happy.  Apparently it was family style but for each group not for the whole table.  Oops.  We sensed it would be best not to practice French with these people after that.  Oh well.

For the first course there was soup, bread, and bread & butter pickles.  All very good!

Next course there was a ton of meat for my carnivore boyfriend.  Sausages, ham, bacon, meat pie, and meatballs.  I stocked up on the beans, mashed potatoes, and eggs.

For dessert we had sugar pie, which was amazing, and of course pancakes with maple syrup!

During the meal the band would play and we were given spoons to play.  I enjoyed this very much and was super disappointed I didn’t bring any flannel to wear.  Shame on me.

In addition to the meal there was maple syrup on snow, selfie stations and a horse-pulled wagon ride.  The horse ride ended up just being a short ride to the parking lot, which was kind of a disappointment, but anyway.

Last we stopped at the gift shop and got maple sugar candy and a candle.  They also sold maple scented perfume.  We so wish we got a picture of this, but next to the perfume was a picture of the owner with the words “Entice Me!”  I passed on the perfume, and we headed back home.

Thanks for reading