Street Art

Originally posted March 16, 2017

Since I came to New York City I find myself taking pictures of all the amazing street art I find.  I first spotted the work of street artist Wellington Naberezney Sipros, in Manhattan.  I love the ears and mustache.

I showed the picture to Jeff when we met for dinner later that night, and he told me he was an artist for a graffiti and street art project, called the Bushwick Collective.

For those reading that aren’t familiar with Bushwick, it is an artsy neighborhood in Brooklyn.  Even though you can see the work of these artists all over NYC, you definitely need to take a trip to Bushwick, because it’s everywhere.

One weekend Jeff and I decided to do exactly that.

The first one I saw after getting off the subway was this! Things were off to a good start!

We walked all around Bushwick in the freezing cold taking pictures of the artwork.

I saw another one by Sipros.

And so much more.

The photos below are of street art I have found elsewhere in NYC:

And I even have a photo of street art I saw in Morocco!

If you like the street art I have shared with you, you can follow The Bushwick Collective on Instagram or Facebook.

Since my residency critique I have finished working on “Greed”.


I took feedback from my peers and tried to use more of my own illustrations in my collages.  So I have some magazine images but I created my own mouse as well as the coins, gold and diamonds.

I am doing sloth over again, and I made a rough sketch this week that I am happy with.  I’ll try and execute it next week.

Thanks for reading!