Residency Critique

Originally posted March 2, 2017

In my last post, I shared with you a new series I am working on that I was going to be showing to my residency group for critique.  I had the critique this past Tuesday, and I think it went very well.  I got a lot of feedback and questions asked of me. Now I have a lot to think about moving forward with this series.

4 artists including myself were presenting Tuesday and we each had 15 minutes.  I thought to myself, “I won’t need 15 minutes,” but then I ended up going over! Oops!

I brought photos of what I have so far, that I shared with you last week, and a picture of one of my smaller collages for those who had not seen my work before.

I started with gluttony and how I was pleased with gluttony. I also mentioned that after gluttony I am not as satisfied with the previous pieces I did.  I showed them sloth and explained my issues with that particular piece.  The audience wasn’t saying much at this point.  I got a couple laughs here and there when I explained my frustrations with sloth ,but that was it.

I then began explaining the troubles I had working on lust but then showed them what I had come up with as a final result.  This was when everyone started talking.

The carrots were a huge hit! I was quite proud of that.  Jeff pointed out to me later that adding the carrots was one of the last ideas I had to make it more lust like and it worked!

An artist there said the feeling she got when she looked at it made her uncomfortable but that she liked how it made her feel at the same time!  She also thought the bunnies and carrots that I had constructed for the piece were whimsical and playful and suggested that I may not need to rely on children’s book images for  an entire piece like I have with the smaller collages.  She did say, however, that she really liked the magazine images in this piece.

Other feedback I got was that they wanted to see more lust pieces in my series, and on a larger scale.  Another artist pitched in that she would like to see me cover a whole wall with more bunnies and more carrots but have the bunnies interacting with each other in some way like a Heironymous Bosch piece! They also suggested I do a piece where all the sins are interacting with each other, which I had been considering doing before.

Before the meeting, my residency leader Christina, read my last blog post and my artist statement and sent me an email with a bunch of questions.  At the meeting she told me to think more about who my audience is.

In the meeting and in the email, she wanted to know about my obsession with using vintage materials.

The question of who my audience is, I am going to have to give some more thought.  I talked in my last post of how I had felt boxed into making art for children and I don’t want to make art for just kids. One artist said strongly,”if you continue to move in this direction with the series than you would have to do it without the kids.”

Christina mentioned that children’s movies had jokes that were more for adults than the actual kids, just to make the movie more tolerable for the adult stuck watching the thing, but that she didn’t want that for my art.  I don’t want that either.

As far as the vintage materials go, I use them because I love them.  I find them interesting and beautiful. Thats pretty much it!

A lot on my mind right now.

Thanks again for reading!