Hugs and Kisses

Originally posted February 15, 2017.

Today is Valentine’s day, and personally I never quite understood the hype.  Even when in a relationship, I didn’t have any expectations and still don’t.

Last Valentine’s day Jeff and I were still living in Maine but spent the weekend in NYC so Jeff could have a Maine break.

Jeff had asked me what my thoughts were on Valentine’s day and I told him “It’s just a day!”  We ended up treating it as exactly that. We decided to go to Corona Queens, and visit the Louis Armstrong House Museum.  Jeff had read in a blog that it was worth the visit so we decided to give it a shot.

We got a private tour of his home, which hasn’t been lived in since Louis and his wife Lucille lived there.  Louis was obsessed with recording himself and throughout the tour you can hear tracks of Louis talking to his wife, enjoying a meal, and playing the trumpet.  It was surprisingly very romantic and the best Valentine’s day I have ever had.  Now we have been listening to Louis ever since! If you get a chance to go, please do!

This past weekend we went to see the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center and saw The Sleeping Beauty.  It was really beautiful. At dinner Jeff said, “Valentine’s day is Tuesday, we should at least go to dinner.” I smiled and agreed.

This year I was hit by cupid’s arrow or something. I wanted to make Jeff my chocolate chip cookies and make him a handmade Valentine. Before meeting Jeff I had tried going vegan for a while, so its been a long time since I have made these.  These cookies are anything but vegan! So I hope everything goes okay and I can finish everything before Jeff gets home from work today.  Cookies and a handmade valentine may not seem too time consuming, but today is still a work day.

Since I got my residency I am trying to focus more on the business part of my art.  I usually would spend one day at home a week where I would maybe add some Etsy listings, and write my blog post.  I recently purchased some web property and am now in the process of researching web hosts and building my own website. This way I can show all of my art online and customers can purchase directly through me without going through Etsy.

I also met with Christina recently, who is like my residency mentor I guess you’d say, and she had some other suggestions I want to put into motion. For a while I was extremely intimidated by the business part of things, but have started to become very excited about not only working as an artist but as a creative entrepreneur.

Hard work ahead, but bring it on! I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Thanks for reading and have a happy Valentines day!