Chasing Flowers

Originally posted February 15, 2017

So this week you’re getting two blog posts! This story is just too good not to share.

So as you all know yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I wrote a post sharing how I normally don’t get very excited about Valentine’s Day, but this year I embraced it by making my guy cookies and a handmade valentine!

Apparently while I was cutting out images and stirring cookie batter, Jeff had a few surprises of his own he was working on.

I got a text from Jeff yesterday, saying, we had a package in the mailroom and he asked me to go pick it up. I opened it and it was a box of chocolate covered strawberries. From Jeff of course!

Later that night, Jeff came home and we were getting ready to go to dinner. I gave him his card and cookies.

Sitting on the couch I noticed he was being very quiet.

A little while later he tells me he’s leaving the apartment and he’ll be right back. At this point I am like, “What is going on?” Then I get a text to meet him at the car and we will go to dinner.

We’re in the car on our way to the restaurant and Jeff blurts out, “You were supposed to have flowers and a card with the strawberries but they didn’t come!”

He told me he received an email from the flower company telling him they had been delivered and that’s why he went downstairs. But there were no flowers. He even went to all the nearby apartment buildings to see if my flowers had been delivered there by mistake, but no flowers.

I felt so bad for him, but felt so loved at the same time.

After we had gone to bed for the night I heard the doorbell ring. At first I wasn’t sure if it was our doorbell or not, but I got out of bed to go answer it. Jeff woke up startled, “What are you doing?”

I told him, “The doorbell rang. It has to be my flowers.”

Sure enough, it was them.

And they are beautiful.

Thank you baby! xoxo