Weekend in Chicago

Originally posted October 18, 2016.

This past weekend was a long one for me and those long weekends are just the best. Jeff and I left Thursday for the windy city of Chicago.  On the taxi ride to our hotel I got a glimpse of this


and the trip was off to a good start.

Jeff and I had a long list of things we wanted to do while in Chicago but both agreed to start out at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  We thought we might spend just a couple hours there and move on to something else, but that didn’t end up happening. Not including lunch we spent at least 5 hours there.  They had beautiful tropical fish, colorful coral and anemones, adorable sea otters and even Beluga whales.

Everything was so beautiful there I got an itch to do some sketches for an underwater scene illustration.


After the aquarium we had a reservation at Pequod’s Pizza so I could experience some Chicago style deep dish pizza.

When I imagined Chicago deep dish pizza I imagined some really thick crust like you’d find at Pizza Hut and then piled high with sauce and toppings.  This however, was Pizza Hut pizza on crack.  And this isn’t a compliment. I won’t say the pizza was terrible but the crust was so thick that was just about all I tasted.  New York Pizza is still #1 in my opinion.


During our trip we also took a boat tour of the city’s architecture.  If you have been watching the presidential debate you may remember this Trump quote:

“I love Chicago. I have property there.”


Here it is. One of the first stops on our architecture tour.

Chicago’s architecture really is beautiful.  There were a lot of really interesting designs on the tour.  Even though Jeff is terrified of heights we made it to the top of the two tallest buildings, the Sears/ Willis building and the Hancock building.


Part of why I think the designs are so creative is the small amount of space they have to build with.  The close proximity of the skyscrapers in this city made New York City look really spacious!

During this trip we were able to visit the Field Museum and Chicago’s Art Institute.



I have been enjoying going to the Natural History Museum lately and attending public lectures.  I was not a very good math and science student during my school years and now feel like I missed out on a lot of interesting stuff.

And of course I always feel at home and inspired at an art museum.  This museum included a lot of collage pieces which was nice to see. I looked at the different collage pieces and imagined my work among them. During this trip I made a list of ideas for some future projects.  Time to start sketching.

Thanks for reading friends!