Studio Space

Originally posted September 16, 2016.

During my weekend in Rhode Island, Jeff and I sort of had a business strategy chat. It was about ways I could grow the business faster rather than waiting to get an art residency and hoping someone notices me.  We talked materials, numbers and factored in my time and it seemed the best thing for me to do was to focus on making as many of the small collages that I could and start selling  them in my Etsy shop and on the street.

I decided to rent some shared studio space at Brooklyn Art Studios Trestle Gallery.


My first day there I spent mostly cutting out images from children’s books for my collages.  I didn’t think people would take much interest in what I was doing but they did.

My first day I even had the opportunity to talk to a curator with another artist about what artists hoped to get out of having their work shown in a gallery other than the obvious, which would be to sell something.

My response was that I would like to know that someone came and looked at my work and felt inspired by it.  I am always going to places carrying my sketchbook, and making note of the things that inspire me.  I feel excited and ready to create something that will share my feelings at that moment of inspiration.

During this conversation I really got to see the very traditional mindsets of some artists.  When the the other artist spoke she referred to the “plateau’s of success”.  These were:

a) having your  work complimented by an art professor,

b) being asked to show your work in a gallery with other artists

c) having an individual show at a gallery

d) having that again at a better venue

The curator, also an artist, pointed out that a lot of artists now are applying to be in shows.  The other artist seemed to disapprove of this, like this was considered cheating in some way.  Then made a comment, “that’s a lot of work.”

My thought was, why not apply to have your work featured in a show?  If you want recognition for what you do,  people need to see it!  And yea its a lot of hard work but if you’re making a business out of it there’s bound to be some boring paperwork involved.

Right now I love what I am doing.  I am so thankful I have the opportunity to do it. Thank you again Jeff! So whatever opportunity comes my way I am going to take it and make the most out of it.