Residents of Brooklyn

Originally posted September 2, 2016.

Just a quick announcement: We moved!

You may be thinking again already? But when we first arrived in New York we had not found an apartment yet.

We stayed the first couple of months in an extended stay place in Long Island City. Long Island City is the part of Queens closest to Manhattan and is considered to be “up and coming” I am not so sure about that.
Parts of Long Island City are nice but where we were located is what my boyfriend calls a “food desert.” Yes we love good food! Now we are in Brooklyn and are surrounded by it!

We moved in our stuff from the extended stay yesterday but our bed will not be delivered until Tuesday! That’s right.

Last night we ended up camping out on the floor. Jeff made what he believed to be a very comfortable bed out of layered clothing but convince me of that he did not.

But we survived and will soon be headed to Newport Rhode Island for labor day weekend. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to share with you what I find for inspiration.

During my work day today I went to explore some shops where I might find supplies for more mixed media projects. This has to my surprise not been as easy as it was back home.

Back in Maine I frequented a shop called Elmer’s Barn. It was a gold mine for cheap children’s books and old magazines.

I looked at some goodwills here to start but found most here do not have a book section. I went to a few second hand book stores here as well but the prices were much too high with the exception of a store in Midtown West called Book Off!

I sat down one day in front of the computer and made a list of thrift shops, flea markets, and second hand book stores, hoping they would have what I was looking for.

The search begins… I went to a Goodwill by the pound in Queens but they only had clothes and some dishes.
I apparently risked my life going alone to East New York to the Aqueduct Flea Market where the only children’s books I found were a couple of Dora the Explorer.

I also visited the HousingWorks Thrift/ Book Store in Soho. It was a cool book store for sure but the children’s books were very new and at least $8 each.

Today I went to the Angel Thrift shop which was also not a success but did have another HousingWorks Thrift shop where I found some fabric for a current project.

But just a ten minute walk from my new apartment I found a store called Junk and it is perfect! It reminded me so much of Elmer’s barn. Great prices and tons of mixed materials. As I was walking around the store ideas for other projects came to mind.




Time to sketch some of them!