Recent Work

Originally posted December 6, 2016.

Recently in the studio I had a super fun day. The result is a few collages that I just loved and want to share with you.

I usually start with a main image and find a background that complements it really well.  Find some more images.  And then text.

The first image I wanted to use was an image of a cow.  The cow really fills up the space and I wanted to emphasize that even more, so I paired him with an image of the chipmunk.  I found text that read “Big” which just worked.  And because I’m just goofy I kept wondering to myself, how often do chipmunks and cows just hang out?

In the next collage I had two images, a landscape, and an old man.  I wanted to put something in the landscape so I added a squirrel.  I had no idea what I was going to put for text but got super excited when I found some text saved from a children’s book that read “See what the squirrel did”, which makes me wonder, what did the squirrel do?

With this collage I knew I wanted to pair the boy and girl together.  I really liked how the boy was super excited and the girl to me just looked not functional.  This actually reminds me of Jeff and I in the morning.  He seems to be so much more awake then I am.  He’s even doing impressions and I just can’t wake up.  Even though I am a tea lover I found the text “Freshly Ground Coffee” and thought it was perfect.

For these three collages I felt like everything was just working.  But the next one was a bit of a struggle. I had all the images laid out in a sketchbook and I was excited to work on it.

I wanted to use a canvas for this collage and painted the background with a sponge.  I really liked the textured look of the background and the green poking through but when I attached the images to the canvas the green was mostly covered.

There were two spots where the green showed and it just looked messy.

I tried to add some more white paint with a brush and sponge to cover the green but then the whole thing looked messy.  I was getting pretty discouraged and decided to be bold and sponged over the whole canvas, images included, with white paint to create a washed out effect.  I added some more images and went over some of the images with a micron pen to make them pop more.

So this was not at all how I thought this collage was going to look, but that can often happen. During those moments I find it best to text Jeff, freak out a little, pull it together and embrace the messiness and turn it into a beautiful mistake.  In this collage I used another image of the old man, I guess I just think every collage with this quirky guy is a winner.  I love that he is looking for his cat in the middle of nowhere and stumbles upon an old woman walking her pig.

I have a bit of news to share with you. Tonight I am starting a painting class at the American Museum of Natural History.  It’s after hours, and you get to go to different parts of the museum and paint what’s in front of you! It’s for eight weeks and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Happy Tuesday.  Thanks for reading!