One Day in Jerusalem

Originally posted September 1, 2016.

Jeff and I both love to travel. Before moving to New York we went for a getaway in Israel. One day we decided to do a walking tour of the old city. The city is divided into four quarters and the tour guide took us to the most historic places places from each quarter. He even made the tour interactive by having us act out some of the events that had taken place. What exactly the tour guy said and the places we went to (except of course the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock), I don’t really remember.

Jeff and I went on several tours doing this trip and found the different members of these groups very uninteresting. Now on the tour of the holy city there was one middle aged woman in our group who was definitely interesting.

First of all that outfit! She had a long black dress with turquoise jewelry and eye makeup. On top of her head she had three different scarfs wrapped around her head. And for some reason I am not quite sure she brought her purple rolling suitcase with her which she had to drag through the cobblestone streets

At different times during the tour she got very upset. She got upset when the tour guide did not tell her where the ark of the covenant was or whether he was Jewish.

She demanded to know the name of some old man sitting outside one of the shops insisting “he’s someone who is very important.” It was almost like she thought the old city was a living museum or something. Of course no one was able to answer her question except the man himself and he did not look interested.

She also insisted that Jeff and I give her our emails and exchange photos. We took her email but didn’t giver her ours. She then yelled us, “If you don’t send me picture, God will kill you!” After that no picture was sent.

But here she is…

Finding this woman as bizarre as I did I knew I had to paint her or make her the focus of one of my mixed media pieces.

And so I did.


This piece is not quite finished yet. I would like to add text to this piece but don’t have the words yet.

I found the word “medicated” from an old advertisement that made me laugh, but out of context that may not be the best fit.

I’ll keep brainstorming and let you know what I came up with.