I'm 29!

Originally posted November 6, 2016.

October 27th, I had a birthday.  And I am 29! The celebrating started the night before when Jeff surprised me with dinner at a highly rated vegetarian restaurant. Yes, I am a struggling vegetarian with a carnivore boyfriend.

On my actual birthday we went back to Ronin gallery for the opening of “Colorful Rebellion” by Japanese mixed media artist Sebastian Masuda.  I mentioned him in a previous post.  My goal for the night was to introduce myself as an artist.  When I first got there though, I avoided the task completely, and headed for the candy bowl and some hot apple cider.

I did finally get the courage to speak with him and get a picture.  I introduced myself as an artist. Mission complete.  My analysis was he wasn’t interested or didn’t speak much English.  I think it was the second.  He nodded politely and said “thank you.”


The following weekend, Jeff and I took advantage of the fall weather and walked through the NY Botanical Gardens.

Living in New York is so great!

My birthday present from Jeff came a little late but it was so worth it.  I love anything colonial, especially pewter.  Now I own some! Jeff got me a colonial plate.  It is in near mint condition and has the mark of pewterer Thomas Danforth III on the back.


I couldn’t manage to take a good picture that didn’t include my phone. My apologies.

I submitted two applications for some art residencies and an application for a gallery show. I also got my table at K-Mart and had fun carrying it around Union Square.  Working on my display. Things are coming together.

Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday!