Hanging out in Montreal

Originally posted January 3rd, 2017.

After Christmas, Jeff and I decided to get away for a while and start the new year doing what we love to do, which is travel.  We left early Wednesday morning and arrived later that day with enough energy to check in to our hotel, go out for dinner, and study French.  Yes we are learning French now!

The first full day in Montreal we decided to make a work day.  I found a magazine in our hotel room and started cutting it up.  The cover had an awesome black and white photo of a man in a big fur coat and fur hat and I had to have it for a collage.

In Montreal, I experimented a little, using some new materials and different sizes.  Since I was working on the road I didn’t bring everything with me, and worked with what I had, which forced me to try some different stuff.

I started four larger collages on 8×11 watercolor paper.  For three of the collages I left a lot of negative space and did not use a background like I typically do.  For those three collages I am planning on either hand lettering or collaging a favorite quote.

The next day we decided to do some sight seeing.  When we came to Montreal earlier in the year, we visited two famous churches Notre Dame and St. Joseph’s Oratory.  This time we stumbled upon a not so famous but still beautiful church near our hotel, and took a peek inside.

Inside one of the side chapels. I found one of my loves an old telephone.

When we were walking through the old city one night, we did happen to walk by Notre Dame and I got a picture of that too.

A lot of the activities we did on this trip were science related.  We are both art lovers of course but really we are just a couple of nerds so we went to the planetarium one day and the science museum another day.  We did try to make it to the art museum one day but it was closed for the holidays.

Now lets talk about the food! In my last post I mentioned I was looking forward to chowing down on some poutine and Beaver Tails.  We went to a poutine place that was highly rated and it was not a disappointment.  They had the classic poutine, which is what I got, and then a selection of poutines with all different toppings, which is what Jeff got.

Our first time there we over ordered. Yes our first time there, that was not a typo.  I got poutine 4 out of the 6 days we were in Montreal. So yea we ordered the grande size and they weren’t kidding around.

Above is my “classique” poutine and below is Jeff with his meat covered poutine wonderland! He was all smiles.

I almost did not get my Beaver Tail because the franchise that sells them keeps such strange hours.  They are only open two days a week and close at 8pm! But maybe thats a good thing.  It was delicious and I probably would have overdone it like I did on the poutine.

Another frequent but healthier stop was to an old fashioned Chinese tea place.  You weren’t allowed to take pictures of all the cool tea paraphernalia but I managed to sneak this one of our tea.

Jeff and I loved going there so much we are going to do a tea tour of NYC and will hopefully find something similar.

For New Year’s Eve we went to the port for some midnight fireworks in the snow.  Now its time for some stereotypical exercise resolutions to combat all the poutine and everything else I ate this weekend.  Wish me luck with that!

Happy New Year and thanks for reading!