Originally posted October 26, 2016.

Things have been a little quieter since our Chicago trip.  I have been in the studio less and working from home more.  My deadlines are fast approaching.  I am applying for two art residencies, and the applications are due November 1st and November 3rd. I’ve been continuing to work on my artist statement. I read some more about artist statements and things not to include in them and some things had to go.  Last night Jeff helped me with some editing and I am so thankful.

I have also designating the first weekend of November to do some street vending so I have been working on creating a display.  The table I purchased is huge and heavy so I am going to have to return it and get another one.  But the chairs I purchased will work! Looking for the silver lining.

I think I am going to purchase the next folding table in person rather than online, just to make sure I can easily carry it with me everywhere. Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow.

I also got some display easels and framed one of my collages to give buyers examples of how to display their purchases!

Remember how inspired I was by the aquarium in Chicago? Well I started a sketch for a piece I also want to put on my display table.  Since my Etsy shop name is The Old Soul and the Sea, I’m illustrating my own “Under the Sea”.  Forget the mermaid, this version includes an old soul, me! Top knot included.

Here’s a peek at the sketch.


I started it last night. I have more sea creatures to include.  Obviously sea anemones, coral, bubbles, and a puffer fish are all necessary.  Once I am happy with the sketch I can transfer it to a canvas and paint! I’ll show you more pics when it’s finished.

Thanks for reading.