Collage Beginnings

Originally posted August 18, 2016.

Why do people start blogs? I suppose people start blogs because they have a lot to say and share with readers about a certain topic.  I am not much of a talker but I do have something to share with you.

My name is Sarah Malcolm. I am a small town girl from Maine who just moved to NYC with my boyfriend.  And I am an artist.

In Maine, I worked as a social worker.  Coming home from work everyday I was exhausted and hardly hung out with my friends.  I decided to start snail mailing a group of them and began making home made cards. I was pairing images from old children’s books with texts from vintage magazines.

Pleased with the cards I was making I started showing them to people.  They encouraged me to start selling them.  My boyfriend, my biggest supporter, encouraged me to take action steps towards my goal of running an Etsy shop.  Now I am.  TheOldSoulandtheSea opened in March of this year and has had a wonderful start.

Now that I am living in New York City, why not take full advantage?  So I am expanding the shop by adding a new item.  In addition to the cards I will be selling collages.

Yesterday I began looking for studio space to rent and also found some residencies to apply for.  Applications need to be submitted by November so I have a lot of work to do.  I ask you readers to journey with me through the art world, and c’mon what better place to do it in than NYC?