Art and Politics

Originally posted November 15, 2016.

I am sure many can relate to what I am about to say. This year’s presidential election sucked! I was so looking forward to the election finally being over.  But now that its November 15th the drama continues and I am exhausted.

I am not a Trump supporter.  I do not agree with a lot of his viewpoints, but after the election, I am trying to understand those that do.

One thing that I will say about this election is that it gave artists like myself and comedians a lot of material to work with. Prior to the election I decided to work with what had been given to me.

Here is my first political piece:

To me its a little sad I can call this political art, but I hope you enjoy.

If you love it and want to have it you can follow the link and purchase it from my Etsy shop.  Keep in mind I also do custom pieces.