Originally posted October 13, 2016.

I am learning that applications can actually be fun.  For the past week or two I have been working on an art residency application amongst other things, and have found it to be surprisingly quite fun. I have always loathed making out applications especially for employment.  Perhaps its a fear of rejection and oh yea the fact that you need the income, that makes it so dreadful. And with that whole income fear factor I would just apply for any job that I was qualified for whether I thought I would actually enjoy it or not.  But now I am starting a business to do what I love and its great.

For my application I had to write an artist statement. I included what my work meant to me, what materials I use, my process, and what my work represents.  This suggestion came from a very helpful book Art Inc. by artist, author, and illustrator Lisa Congdon.

Here’s what I got so far:

“Working as a mixed media artist is my dream come true. Growing up I took many art classes, teachers complimented my work, and I dreamed of being an artist someday. Last year I decided that time is now. I want to seize every opportunity to share my art with the world today.
The materials I primarily use in my art include but are not limited to paper, paint, canvas, wooden panels, and adhesives. For most of my pieces I start by creating a background with different papers. Then I create collages by taking images from a variety of children’s books. I enjoy taking characters from one book introducing them to a character in another book and creating dialogue between them.
What inspires my work the most is a good story. When I hear a good story I want to visualize it in a fun and creative way. My work represents the stories of everyday life in a playful, whimsical world. My work reminds us that art is fun and to be enjoyed.”

Tell me what you think!

For the application I need to submit pictures for ten  pieces.  I selected the tenement piece, and 8 of my smaller collages but decided to do something extra special for the 10th piece.  I had found a children’s book with some large cabbages.  I adhered them to a canvas with some gel medium and then painted a bunny and some cabbages around it.



I am super happy with how it turned out.  I had a much different picture in my head of what it would look like but when I started painting I just started trying different things and this was the result.  So pleased with it.